The core of our business is the SHIPPING SUPPLIES, PURCHASING AND LOGISTICS SERVICES that ALL NEEDS SOLUTIONS provides to every cargo and tanker ship for all Peruvian Ports. Peruvian company that provides fresh and frozen provisions as well as canned food, bonded, decked and engine stores as well as other supllies needed, all of them of the highest quality and lowest price.


Our goal is to maintain high quality service standards in all areas that go above and beyond our clients' expectations. Fresh and frozen provisions are handled under international standards procedures. The use of refrigerator trucks, refrigerator cars, reefer ships, reefer containers, and refrigerated warehouses is common and the shipments are in insulated shipping containers or other specialized packaging for maintaining the cold chain.


Our Company offers different kind of services such as:


1. General Ship Supplies: fresh and frozen provisions, bonded, deck and engine stores.

2. Supply of medicines and bottled water.

3. Supply of mooring ropes, hawsers and marine tapes.

4. Supply of general bridge equipment and other technical stores.


ALL NEEDS SOLUTIONS is a company that gives a global logistic service with the rapidity that each of our clients expects from us considering always the efficient and the high quality of our service. At the same time, our job is focused on the complete satisfaction of all of our customers. That is why ALL NEEDS SOLUTIONS has assumed the very important responsibility to reach the excellence regarding to our service.


Our clients may rest assured that we will be able to satisfy their requirements along the Peruvian coast: Talara, Paita, Bayovar, Chimbote, Callao, La Pampilla, Conchan, Pisco, Matarani and Mollendo for their convenience.


Please contact us at our head office in Peru to receive specifications and quote.


Our company and staff will be at your service to attend any requests you may have.


Some Peruvian ports where we work:

  • Callao
  • Salaverry
  • San Martin
  • Huacho
  • Matarani
  • Mollendo
  • Paita
  • Pisco
  • Talara
  • Chimbote